Live sitar music for Indian weddings and themed parties, Bollywood or Eastern style events  


Flash Sitar

Original Sitar music played in the 432hz tuning to achieve a resonance with the frequencies of the earth's natural vibration 


Mp3 Downloads

Zen Healing 1

Zen Healing 2

Zen Healing 3

Zen Healing 4

Zen Healing 5


of Light

Sufi Dance

Mystic Kiss


Farhan Khan (aka FLASH)
His style is melodic, enchanting, ambient, relaxing dance groove music perfect for your wedding reception, festival, cocktail party or gallery opening.

Internationally famous Ustad Habib Khan is his sitar teacher. Flash is a graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood California and he earned his BA in music engineering from Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, CA.
Often he is accompanied by composer and recording artist Fontain who plays guitar and percussion. She sings original compositions in Hindi, Spanish, French and English. Their original collaborations are featured on their CDs; Zen 432, Mystic Kiss,
Fountain of Light

Available for: Lessons and Recording Sessions



408 666-8241

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408 666-8241

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